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CO2 Management AS
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Hopsnesvegen 127, 5232 Paradis, NO   

Our mission

Our mission is to limit global warming through low-carbon investments and clean energy solutions. We believe in a sustainable energy transition by minimizing carbon footprints across industries in a customized, innovative and cost-efficient way.

CO2 Management AS (established in June 2019) is a Petrolia SE wholly-owned subsidiary. We provide sustainable, end-to-end solutions for carbon dioxide management to CO2-intensive industries. Our solutions include Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS/CCS), as well as hydrogen production. For CCS & CCUS, we make use of the infrastructure provided by the Full-Scale CCS Project in Norway. We also invest in upcoming technologies that reduce carbon footprints.

Our Vision and Values

Our vision

To build sustainable and prosperous societies.

Our values


We are responsible in our actions, always provide adequate reasons for them and are focused on ownership and ethical decision-making. In this way, we not only help avoid the tipping points triggered by the climate change but also improve our clients’ businesses in a sustainable way.


We nurture transparency and openness to ensure strong relationships, build trust and increase motivation. Providing access and promoting open communication are the cornerstones serving our overarching principle, making CO2 Management well-integrated in communities and societies where we operate.

Sustainably Innovative

We value a culture of innovation and strive for customer-centric, sustainable and creative ways to meet the needs of our clients, while eliminating their impact on climate change.


We encourage collaboration across teams, customers, and partners to solve complex business problems. Our diverse experiences, competencies and knowledge inspire creativity, drive innovation and allow us to deliver superior results.


At CO2 Management, we are committed to working towards creating a CO2 neutral world by limiting the effects of climate change and integrating sustainability in our actions. The UN sustainable development goals play a key role in achieving a sustainable and better future for all. While all 17 UN sustainable development goals are important to us, the following relate directly to our core business activities.

Affordable and Clean Energy

Enhancing access to cleaner fossil-fuel technology while promoting investments in both energy infrastructures and clean energy technology play a crucial role in preventing global warming.

Our portfolio, ranging from CCS/CCUS to hydrogen energy production, provide comprehensive technology-based solutions that not only clean fossil-fuel industries but also bolster cleaner energy production.


Responsible Consumption and Production

Since the industrial revolution, the consumption and production practices have largely been fueled by a heavy use of natural resources, which has led to unsustainable practices. To achieve a sustainable world, we need to substantially alter these patterns while focusing on preventing, reducing, recycling and reusing CO2.

CO2 Management’s solutions create a positive impact on businesses by not only significantly reducing their carbon emissions but also reusing the captured carbon in other industrial processes.


Climate Change

Climate Change is accelerating and affecting ecosystems, communities and people in all countries and continents. The Paris Agreement is a cornerstone of our engagement of dealing with the impacts of climate change and we actively work towards keeping the global temperature increase below 2 degrees Celsius. 

Our CCUS solutions help businesses reduce their carbon footprints in a financially feasible manner, and our investments in related alternative energy technologies help develop carbon neutral fuels. 


Industry Innovation and Infrastructure

Innovation and technological progress are key to finding lasting solutions to both economic and environmental challenges. There is a great need for modernizing and improving existing industries to make them sustainable and increase their resource and energy efficiencies. 

Our innovative CCS and CCUS processes play an increasingly crucial role in reducing the environmental footprint of today’s CO2 -intensive industries.


Management Team


Dr. Torsten Porwol

Sølve Nilsen

Chairman of the Board

Brede Bjøvad Larsen

Board Member

Our Partners

We invest in, and partner with, several companies in the handling of CO2 (CCS & CCUS) and alternative energy production. We encourage collaboration across teams and partnerships to provide tailored environmental solutions to our customers.

We are constantly searching for growth and partnership opportunities to reach the targets set by the Paris Agreement. For more information, visit our contact page.

Petrolia SE


We are a Petrolia SE wholly-owned subsidiary. Petrolia SE has two business segments: Exploration & Production (E&P) and Energy Services. Petrolia SE owns a group of leading rental equipment companies for the global energy industry. It also owns 49.9% of Petrolia NOCO AS, an independent oil & gas company approved as an Operator on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Coast Center Base


We have a close partnership with the Coast Center Base (CCB) which allows us to find industrial space for innovative technology companies which use CO2 as raw material for synthetic chemistry or biochemical processes. Our existing and upcoming investments with CCB build assets which are essential for technology companies producing CO2 and hydrogen. The existing infrastructure and knowledge make CCB an ideal partner for scale up processes and large-scale production dedicated for the global market. The logistic infrastructure at the CCB location is excellent with ice-free access, and well-educated technical personnel can be hired from the second largest city in Norway.

ZEG power


The Coast Center Base and ZEG Power secured a substantial amount of funding for a pilot plant introducing clean and highly efficient production of hydrogen by patented ZEG-technology, with integrated CO2 capture.


Our office is in the Bergen area at Hopsnesvegen 127, 5232 Paradis, Norway.

We are located near the CCB Energy Park at Kollsnes, connecting offshore CO2 storage facilities with European energy and industry source points. At CCB Energy Park, captured CO2 from the Northern Lights project will be received by carrier ships to an intermediate tank farm. From here the CO2 is conditioned, transported by pipeline at the seabed and stored permanently in a sealed aquifer 2000-3000 meters below the North Sea. The first temporary storage facility at CCB Energy Park is expected to be operational in 2024. As operations expand, several additional temporary onshore storage facilities are to be developed in order to accommodate a rising demand. The Full-Scale CCS Project in Norway is expected to have storage capacity of 70 to 100 Mtons of CO2 over the next 100 years, making Norway a forerunner for carbon capture, transport and storage.